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Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
and to hit the streets of a city, an american city, takes two years. while they wait, it's not the miami vice where they drop it off. it's different. it takes two years for the cocaine to get here. therefore, they have to do something with it. that's right. the mexicans say we have a problem. we used to be a transit country. wii not a transit country anymore. they are getting addicted. you know, some of the problems that will only be americans for other countries, they are seeing that in mexico now. that's a good point and something, of course, only the mexicans can answer, and we want to work with them. >> commissioner, you want to add anything? >> the whole message we're talking about is that our country has to stand united expressing the will to win, but if we don't want to accept a new threshold for violence, and that we're going to accept the drugs run through the country. we don't want that for the country, and we have to stand united saying we will take the steps needed to get it done to resolve it. >> representative? >> yes, i serve on the border and intergovernmental affair, and the
Nov 12, 2012 11:00pm EST
civil. you want to get married, you go down to city hall and you to get a license. if the property arrangement. the concept of marriage in this country is so overlaid, with religious dimensions of it. i think that my thoughts are, you know, they are not really about the current political movement in this country. the degree to which we are an extremely conservative religious sense of marriage and family -- it isn't just about the moynihan report. it isn't just about blacks and single mothers getting married. it was a moment that we have lost in the women's movement where you could, you know, have a life of chosen partners dividing property for the sake of very specific purposes of certain kind of benefits. but it was a little bit beside the point. if you want a religious endowment god's blessing, you know, you go and get married. i do see marriage. i see it as a kind of property transfer. i also think when you think of it as a civil union, it clarifies other things, like the lack of benefits we have generally. the lack of them in society. i am so concerned about this argument of pe
Nov 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
virginia delivered virginia for obama. to boost the suburbs, philadelphia wiped out from me. the city of philadelphia, the suburbs also wiped out by me. your can of philadelphia, d.c., los angeles, san francisco. suburbs of atlanta, charlotte and south carolina were very republican. colin analyze pricing the birds doesn't work. you have to look at each individual suburb of the region of this country. finally, number six we have to reach inc. the way we spend money in politics. but this is a $6 billion election-year status quo result, the biggest success when it comes to money and politics in politics than an taken up methods, the macro is that karl rove separated billionaires for billions of dollars to what effect. maybe more effectively to way to pay voters directly. and i would conclude by saying that the supreme court of the united states is the second most important institution in the united states and the economic recovery. they have done more to pump more money into the economy and hard-hit states like nevada, florida, ohio, pennsylvania and california than any institutions. the
Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
york city and in connecticut and i am the cochair of the national security committee. i would like to recognize our cosponsor an committee, the aerospace and defense industry committee and william black, my cochair for this presentation. it stretches back a full year when the national security committee proposed a program, which we tried to divine which program would have currency. we were fortunate to have leon panetta last week make a very widely broadcasted speech on the subject of cybersecurity and cyberwarfare. accordingly, the subject matter has been in news. he outlined his deep concerns about computer networks that support our military, infrastructure and business networks. mr. leon panetta elaborated on many things and that includes the high-profile attacks, including the alleged russian denial of service attack entering into georgia, the disruptions in estonia and the iranian nuclear centrifuges. there are dozens of thwarted attacks on other infrastructure occurring on an almost daily basis. the sector of devastating utility concern all of us. and it presents legal issues
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
a reduction in payments to providers. what other cities today told the progressive labor caucus today that he might catch to get out of entitlement programs as part of the grand bargain? >> first of all, i'm not going to read out details of the meeting still taking place before i came out here. secondly, there are two aspects your savings in our health care programs that she may be conflating, which is the initial savings come at significant savings posted august the debate this past year that were achieved through the affordable care at. 340 billion is additional savings. as part of the president's proposal. that's a substantial amount of money. what the president said on friday is the position he will take when he enters the room with congressional leaders this coming friday. that is he has a specific plan that takes a balanced approach and he believes very much but broadly speaking his plan is a good guide to how we can achieve a broader compromise. he also said very clearly that he is not led to every aspect of his plan and that he understands in order to reach an agreement, ever needs to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5